Delivering Mission Critical SOLUTIONS to our US Government Partners

Intelligence Analysis

With information coming at us from all avenues, Convergent performs complex intelligence analysis across a multitude of disciplines that enables our customers to rapidly process, assess and disseminate information leading to actionable insights. With experience utilizing state of the art technology tools, Convergent analysts are critical to aiding complex and vital decision making. Our team provides analysis in the following areas:

All Source Analysis
Counterintelligence Support
Open Source Intelligence Analysis (OSINT)
HUMINT Support
Law Enforcement Support
Collection Management
Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
Imagery Intelligence (IMINT)

Security Operations

Protecting our nation’s sensitive networks, information and infrastructure ensures that our sensitive assets remain uncompromised from potential bad actors. Convergent employs security subject matter experts and augments this expertise with innovative technology. By injecting technology into security processes, Convergent provides solutions that enhance and strengthen the security enterprise. Convergent works in the following security disciplines:

Personnel Security
Industrial Security
Insider Threat Detection
Security Operations Center Support
Cybersecurity Support
Information Assurance
Risk Analysis
Supply Chain Risk Management

IT Services

Convergent maintains a team of engineers, software developers, business analysts and information technology experts who understand the technology challenges facing government agencies today. Helping enterprises transform their technology enterprise, Convergent effectively evaluates, designs, implements and maintains a variety of networks and systems. With a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget, Convergent has experience in:

System & Administration
Help Desk Support
Desktop Administration
Network Operations
Data Analytics
Software Development

Program Management
& Support Services

Convergent works side by side with government organizations to provide mission support, enabling key staff to stay engaged on the pressing and critical issues. Our personnel provide a wide range of administrative functions, business process outsourcing, management consulting and strategic planning that helps agencies locate potential inefficiencies, developing strategies to improve performance and implement necessary operations. Convergent provides support in the following disciplines:

Program Management
Strategic Planning
Financial Management
Contract & Budget Administration
Security Support
Executive Administrative Support
Clerical Support